Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Data centre services are the foundation for business-enabling IT. Data is an indispensable part of an organization and the way it is managed, stored and integrated plays an increasingly crucial role in the success and failure of a business. So for years, we at ESTNOC have been working by the keynotes to provide secure, cost effective, flexible, sustainable and resilient data centre services for our clients in Estonia and Netherlands region.

We have also had our Virtual Server Hosting services in majorly all countries across Asia, North America and Europe. In here our clients get a full access to the virtual private server's operating system without any restriction or administrator permission. This level of access allows our clients to configure their virtual private server to meet their own unique specifications. Clients can even get to host multiple websites at once and can even opt for additional services like file transfer protocol site, mail server, specialized applications and dependency databases for activities like E-Commerce and blogging.

With our Windows Virtual Server Hosting services, it creates an isolated environment on a physical windows server which shares resources from other windows servers. The main advantage of this hosting is that the server creates a dedicated hosting environment in multiple domains where users can easily access it using the remote desktop protocol feature.

Our Cloud Computing in Switzerland works as a delivery agent for on demand services like sending an e-mail, watching videos, listening music etc. It also works from applications to storage and processing power over the internet on a pay as to go basis. It benefits other companies from not spending their capital on owning their own computer infrastructure or data centers. Companies can rent an access from applications to storage from our cloud computing.

If you're looking to buy Cheap Virtual Servers, cloud computing or virtual server hosting we are a company who believes in customer satisfaction and quality services.

So if you are interested in any of our services, you can visit our website for more information.

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