Tuesday, 26 June 2018


The web hosting is the service that provides users of internet a system to store information or accessible content via the web. We are Estnoc and we are currently web hosting and are having Data Centre Services in locations like Estonia and Netherlands but we have plans to expand our points of presence.

We have numerous web hosting services and one of them is the ability to connect users to our Virtual Private Servers. In here multiple website owners can be an administrator and can get a complete control over the servers, as this can help in connecting virtually to our servers in Europe, Asia and North America.

Moving ahead from the VPS, we at Estnoc also care for the Windows Virtual Server Hosting. It is an isolated environment on a physical windows server which shares all the server resources with all other windows virtual server hosting. The main purpose of having this server is to create a dedicated hosting environment for multiple domains and in here the users can easily access servers using the remote desktop protocol feature.

The Cloud Computing in Switzerland is basically our services for using the remote servers hosted on the World Wide Web to store and manage the processed data rather than using it over a local or a personal computer. Numerous services like sending an e-mail, watching videos or listening to music have all been made possible by our cloud computer running the scenes 24/7.
Estnoc stands for Estonia Network Operations Centre and as with our name suggest we have our in house computer systems facilities for storage and telecommunications in both Estonia and Netherlands.
So for more information regarding our services, you can contact us via our website at :-

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