Friday, 22 June 2018


To make a website accessible via the World Wide Web one needs to choose the web hosting service. The service basically creates a space for you on a web server to store you website files. We at ESTNOC have data centers spread across many nations as to create a much better and fluid medium to a large number of users connecting to a website.

We have created a Virtual Private Server where we have private servers in Europe, Asia and North America to connect to any of the locations. This is shared by multiple website owners so that each owner can use and administrator it as they have complete control over the server. This process is basically done to mimic a dedicated server with a shared hosting environment and is both shared and dedicated hosting.

Well ESTNOC stands for Estonian Network Operations Center and are Data Center Services are currently hosted from Estonia and Netherlands and more are already on the way. Both these countries have facility used to house computer systems and associated systems for storage and telecommunication.

With our Cloud Computing Service in Switzerland, it is basically the practice of using of remote servers hosted on the World Wide Web to store and manages the processed data rather than using it over a local rather or on a personal computer. Services like sending an e-mail, listening music, watching videos etc over the internet have all been made possible with our cloud computing running behind the scenes.

We can set up servers for our clients within the maximum time of 24 hours. We have a team of professionals to guide and help you with every stage of the process to make you more reliant towards our services.

 To help your users reach your website in a more fluid and faster manner, you can contact us for our services via our website at :-

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