Thursday, 12 July 2018


We at Estnoc have built our Data Centre Services on highly secured and redundant network in more than 30 locations around the globe. We aid all the technical complexities of a business and stock their mission-critical data applications in our IT facilities and make sure it works exceptionally throughout. Businesses just don't see us as an external facility for storage of information due to the fact we rely upon the Phenomenon of quality services and satisfaction, so we come under their key parameter for successful results.

Rather than relying upon a dedicated server and bearing it's heavy expenses, we offer Virtual Private Servers to our clients which is flexible, efficient and cost effective in nature. All businesses don't require the power of a dedicated hosting server, as with our Cheap Virtual Server it can offer better security than shared hosting, independent FTP and POP access, root access and lower technical knowledge requirement than a dedicated server.

Our Windows Virtual Server Hosting services create an isolated environment on a physical windows server which can also share resources from other windows server. It benefits our clients as they can create a dedicated hosting environment in multiple domains where the users can easily access any server using the remote desktop control feature.

We are regarded as the Best Virtual Server Hosting services around the globe as we offer our plans which are well- simplified, has impressive configuration options, are low cost, where clients have choices of hosting location and the users get an exceptional support and speed.

So if you're looking to buy a dedicated server, your own virtual private server or you want a storage space for your business in a data centre. You can visit our website for detailed information as we offer many other kind of these services as well.

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