Thursday, 5 April 2018

EstNOC Server Co-location

EstNOC have Data Centre space in Estonia, Tallinn and Sweden, Stockholm, where we can co-locate the Customer's Servers and/or other equipment, like switches,routers, etc. Customer can request co-location/housing space from us for housing own servers/equipment, measured with U (units) and Racks. 1U equals to 44,5mm in height and 1 Rack equals to 42U. The main differences between Server co-locating and Dedicated server is, that unlike Dedicated server is the property of EstNOC, co-located server remains the Customer's property. 100% ownership of co-located hardware remains to Customer's.

EstNOC will assign certain amount of electrical plugs to each of the Customer's server or housed Units/Racks. We have pre installed in every Rack PDU's from 2 separate power feeds (A+B). If your Server requires 2 or more electrical plugs, no problem, we can assign them. On top of that, all the power feeds are coming from multiple UPS's. In emergency cases when electricity stops coming from City power plant, the whole Data centre facility continue to work in full load for next 30 minutes. Both Data centre facilities are equipped with multiple diesel Generators. These generators start to work automatically to prevent the whole data centre blackout.

EstNOC provides the precision air cooling systems to guarantee normal humidity and temperature for the Servers to work correctly. Cooling system sends the cold airflow through the floor channels to the each rack and ventilation system will take the warm air out of the building.
Both Data centre facilities are equipped with the most modern fire extinguishing equipments available on the marked today. These are precise systems and work very accurately. There are multiple sensors all over the data centre facility, not only in the sealing, but literally everywhere. This system as the whole, prevents open fire inside the facility.
EstNOC assign at least one up link to internet for each of the Customer's Server and/or equipment. If your server demands redundant up links, it will not be a proble, we can attach more up links on request.

We can provide uplink speeds up to 10 Gbit with maximal data traffic rate of 3200 TB a month! This is the amount of data traffic that even big Enterprises have difficulties to spend. Default Uplink speed that is included the price, is 100 Mbit and default Data Traffic rate is 10 TB a month. However, these numbers are fully upgreadable at a low price.
Managed Services. EstNOC can offer fully Managed Services to the Customers who co-locate their Servers and/or equipments with us, at very low price. We can perform the maintenances of hardware, software and installations overall.
Customers who decided to co-locate their Servers or/and equipments with EstNOC, are entitled for all the licences we sell at same price like we sell them with Dedicated servers.

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