Thursday, 29 March 2018

EstNOC Dedicated Server hosting

EstNOC provides customers with servers for their exclusive use. Whether it is for hosting a website, applications or programs. Or just for workstation. While similiar to colocation/housing services, dedicated server hardware is owned by EstNOC OY, rather than the Customer.

Why should you go with Dedicated Server instead of Colocation service? Well, answers to this are quite simple and reasonable:
  1. Buying the decent hardware can be very costly! By renting the Dedicated Server from EstNOC, you do not have to spend the fortune on hardware. You can simply pay the small fee for Dedicated Server usage and keep the rest money for expanding/upgrading your business.
  2. Maintaining the hardware is annoying and requires good knowledge about hardware and software! By renting the Dedicated Server from EstNOC, you do not have to worrie about out-of-date hardware, because you can always upgrade or refresh your Dedicated Server by submitting the "Order" request and paying the small fee to EstNOC. This way it will be A LOT cheaper,rather than buying new hardware and changing it in your own server that you colocate with us.
  3. It can be painful to go and pay the visit to Datacentre always, when there problem arose with your Colocated server. By renting the Dedicated server from EstNOC, you do not have to worrie about driving the long distances or book the flights in order to visit the Datacentre to fix your server. EstNOC technicians will take care of your Server in emergency cases. Simply submit the Support Ticket to EstNOC Customer Portal and that's it.
Answers to the previous questions are not limited with those written above. There are many more.
EstNOC operates under 7 POP's (points-of-presence) and offer to the Clients Dedicated Servers from all of these locations: Estonia, Sweden, Russian Federation - Moscow City and St.Petersburg, Romania, Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland.
Who are the  EstNOC network upstream providers? In Estonia, Tallinn - EstNOC up link has been provided by Televorgu AS (sub-company of Tele2). Televorgu AS is connected to the newest fiber link called "Baltic Highway", being the newest and most modern infrastructure built in Baltic region today. It connects Estonia (Tallinn) with Germany ( Frankfurt) via Latvia (Riga), Lithuania (Vilnius), Poland (Warsaw) and Germany (Berlin). Onward connections to Russia, St-Petersburg and Belarus, Minsk. In Sweden, our upstream provider is Portlane AS that is connected to Level3 INTL and Level3 GBIX. In Russia, Moscow and St-Petersburg, our upstream provider is Selected that is connected to all the major network hub's. In Romania our upstream provider is AdNET Telecom. In Netherlands, our upstream provider is Greenhouse DC. In Norway, our upsteam provider is Altibox. In Switzerland, our up link provider is Interxion.

All EstNOC OY Dedicated Servers have been built from the Best available hardware today, from the Brands like HP, Dell, Super Micro, Kingston, Viking, HGST, Western Digital, Samsung, etc.
With our Dedicated Servers you can buy the licences for different products like, Windows Servers, cPanel, DirectAdmin, CloudLINUX, etc to name a few.
EstNOC will determine to each of the Dedicated Server at least 100Mbit uplink speed. However, we can offer 10Gbit uplink speeds aswell.
Your company requires Dedicated Servers for your CDN or Streaming business? No problem! EstNOC is able to provide you such service. We can offer the Dedicated Servers for CDN in Estonia, Sweden, Romania and Netherlands.

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  1. Thanks for sharing an nice information about the web hosting with us. This dedicated server hosting is suitable for all types of business and it is very secure. Not in estonia, the dedicated server hosting in chennai and also in other locations.


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