Thursday, 12 April 2018

EstNOC OY Virtual Private Servers

EstNOC provides customers with Virtual Private Servers, also known as VPS, for their personal use. Whether it is for web hosting, application hosting or hosting certain programs in it or anything else that demands more capacity than regular shared web hosting or re seller plan's can offer, the VPS is the thing to go with. We simply give to the Customer certain resources from EstNOC's Dedicated Server, that has been virtually shared between several other Customers. Each of the Customers will gain own root file container (file system)  that is fully separated from the rest containers (file systems) of other Customers. As we use only KVM or XEN HVM virtualization systems, it is not possible to oversell the existing hardware, because KVM and XEN HVM are known for reserving the pre-set hardware resources per VPS and creates the container file with all the settings applied in it. Basicly, always when the new VPS gets added in, it reserves the storage space and memory from the Dedicated Servers hardware, making always less resources available for the next VPS that is going to be added.

VPS is very similiar to Dedicated Server actually, because Customer gains full unrestricted root access and on top of that, the Customer will be able to install and run any kind of apps or programs in it, without any restrictions. Yet it is not so costly as Dedicated Server. VPS prices starts with €5 a month! Compare this to Dedicated Server's price and the difference is obvious.

With VPS, Customers can send as many of the e-mails to their recipients as they wish, at once. No restrictions a la "10 e-mails allowed in 1" or anything like that. Same thing goes for SQL databases and other resources,that are usually very limited in shared web hosting plans and re seller plans. With VPS, Customer is in charge of the VPS and can set own limits for it.

About hardware maintenance. With EstNOC Virtual Private Server, the customer does not have to worrie about it, because EstNOC technicians team will take care of it.

EstNOC operates under 7 POP's (points-of-presence) and offer to the Clients Virtual Private  Servers from all of those locations: Estonia, Sweden, Russian Federation - Moscow City and St.Petersburg, Romania, Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland.

All the EstNOC Dedicated Servers, we use for virtualization, have been built from the best hardware in the market today, from worldwide known brands like HP, Dell, SuperMicro, Kingston, Viking, Samsung, HGST, Western Digital, etc.

With our Virtual Private Servers you can buy the licences for different products like, Windows Servers, cPanel, DirectAdmin, CloudLINUX, etc to name a few.

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