Friday, 22 September 2017

EstNOC: Your data centre

Making decisions for your business is without any doubt, the most difficult task to do while handling a business. You have to make decisions for what might be right and what will affect it adversely, so you have to always be on your toes. Hence, wouldn’t it make things so much easier if you didn’t have a need to get into the technical aspect of deciding between a vps hosting, dedicated hosting and shared hosting solutions? Or whether your services are secured enough?

Well, there’s only one solution to that problem; leave all those worries to EstNOC. EstNOC stands for Estonian Network OperationsCentre, which means a central location from which network administrators manage, control and monitor one or more networks. 
Though they originate from Estonia, they provide their web hosting services in many counties around the globe, such as Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Russian Federation, Romania, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Singapore, Philippines, and Honk Kong. And they are not stopping with that as they are always working towards expanding their roots to even further locations and provide their excellent services to every business in need.

EstNOC provides its services as a Web host to many Russian companies. Through its world class services, it helps its clients to make their websites visible on the web and get them running at all times in a well maintained manner without any glitches.
EstNOC acts as Data service centre to many of their clients, helping them with cyber security.
VirtualPrivate Sector hosting, or VPS hosting, is another feature that EstNOC provides its customers. It means that they provide you with the type of virtual hosting where resources which are allotted to you are not shared by everyone else. They also are cloud providers in Switzerland.

They have a well experienced and trained personnel, always up for their clients’ help. They have an always open customer service and ready to solve their queries.
It is only because of their dedicated and hardworking staff that they have earned partnerships with companies like HP, Ubuntu, Dell and many more.

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