Thursday, 28 September 2017

EstNOC: Your data centre

Handling a business is a tough task in itself. There are so many things that are to be taken care of. There’s already too much on your plate and things begin to hassle up together. You have to decide for everything and that could be a real challenge, as the outcome of it will affect the whole business. With so many responsibilities already hanging over your head, making decisions about the technical aspect of deciding between a vps hosting, dedicated hosting and shared hosting solutions, will be too much to handle for anyone, in fact.
That’s where EstNOC Service hosting and DataCentre Service comes into the picture for your rescue.

EstNOC stands for Estonian Network Operations Centre, which means a central location from which network administrators manage, control and monitor one or more networks.EstNOC, a company originated in Estonia provides Webhosting  solutions to multiple locations such as Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Russian Federation, Romania, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Singapore, Philippines, and Honk Kong. But that’s not where it is ending its roots; they are always working on expanding their services to countries all around the world and spread their name everywhere.

In today’s world, there is no denying in the fact that bring your business online is a must. What acts as a hindrance for many companies is running the website properly. Making your website visible to everyone online, running it properly, maintaining it according to the latest updates; all this is done by a web host. EstNOC acts as a Web host to many companies in Russia as well.
Cyber security and data storage are major issues faced by many companies. Thus, for that purpose only, EstNOC acts as Data service centre for their clients and help them with their problems regarding these issues.

VirtualPrivate Sector hosting, or VPS hosting, is another feature that EstNOC provides its customers. It means that they provide you with the type of virtual hosting where resources which are allotted to you are not shared by everyone else.
EstNOC has a dedicated staff, all working for the interest of their clients and helping them through their queries. EstNOC also provides web hosting with co-location option where the services reach the customer within 24 hours of payment and the servers reaching at the centre. The staff at EstNOC is dedicated to respond to the helpdesk tickets as quickly as 60 minutes during daytime and just within 3 hours at night time.
In its attempt of spreading its roots all around, EstNOC also works as cloudprovider to many companies in the nation of Switzerland.
EstNOC has been working for the interest of their clients only, making their work a little easier by taking over some of their clients’ technical worries. It is only because of their dedicated staff and world class services that they have earned partnership with renowned companies like HP, Ubuntu, Dell and many more.

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