Friday, 15 September 2017

EstNOC: Answers to all your website problems

Businesses are tough to handle and making decisions for your company is one of the toughest situations one might have to face. Creating a website requires a lot of work, setup the layout, decide the format and create content worthy of clicks. When it comes to websites, you have to decide whether you want a vps hosting, dedicated hosting and shared hosting. And for anyone with incomplete knowledge about this matter, it might prove to be a hassle and confusing to pick what is suitable for your company and what isn’t.
To answer all your website related queries, EstNOC Service hosting and Data Centre Services have been here with answers to all your problems.

EstNOC stands for Estonian Network OperationsCentre, which means a central location from which network administrators manage, control and monitor one or more networks.  It offers web hosting solutions to multiple locations such as Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Russian Federation, Romania, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Singapore, Philippines, and Honk Kong, while the company is originally from Estonia.

EstNOC acts as a Webhosting service to many Russian companies, which means that it provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. A website can’t be launched, maintained and run properly without a web hosting service and EstNOC does that for many companies around the world.
EstNOC helps out their clients into running cost efficiently and with complete cypersecurity by acting as their Data center services.

VirtualPrivate Sector hosting, or VPS hosting, is another feature that EstNOC provides its customers. It means that they provide you with the type of virtual hosting where resources which are allotted to you are not shared by everyone else.
EstNOC also acts as a cloud provider to many of its clients in Switzerland.
EstNOChas a dedicated number of members, with an aim to help their clients with utmost precision and with all of their required answers. They also provides web hosting with co-location option where the services reach the customer within 24 hours of payment and the servers reaching at the centre. The staff at EstNOC is dedicated to respond to the helpdesk tickets as quickly as 60 minutes during daytime and just within 3 hours at night time.
Currently, EstNOC has spread its roots around the world and is working in many countries around the globe. Their excellent services and hardworking staff is the reason why they have earned partnerships with companies like HP, Ubuntu, Dell and many more.

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