Thursday, 7 March 2019

What is a web hosting?

The Web Hosting Service in Estonia is the service that provides users of the Internet a system to store information, images, video, or any content accessible via the web.

When you want to set up a website "seriously”, you will almost always need to hire a hosting for that web. Surely the term "hosting" is a little disconcerting and even more so when it comes to paying money for something with such a strange name.

But do not worry, it is easy to understand and in this post, I will explain thoroughly, along with how to choose the most suitable hosting for your specific project.

In addition, the hosting market in Estonia has evolved a lot and, fortunately, there is already a certain range of Web Hosting Service in Estonia of good quality to choose from, and at very affordable prices. Until relatively a few years ago, this was not the case. Right here, in the blog, you will also find the analysis and opinions of hosting providers with more information about specific companies.

The main types of web hosting and their differences:
There is a fairly extensive range of accommodation types, as you can easily check on comparative websites, such as Hosting.
The main options for the vast majority of users will be those in the following list.
  1. Free hosting
  2. Shared hosting
  3. Hosting VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  4. Hosting specialized / managed (WordPress example)
  5. Cloud hosting
  6. Other hosting options

We provide you the solution that you need?
When choosing the option that most suits you, you have to take into account, above all, three parameters.
  • If the web consists of simple static pages or it is a web application such as a WordPress blog, the most existing for the server
  • The traffic you foresee for your website
  • Your economic possibilities (personal or professional)
A superior hosting option (VPS, etc.) will usually make sense only in a professional context where the direct website (eg, an online store) or indirectly (eg, a consultant's blog) is key to generating economic income. In addition, hosting of this type, unless you have advanced technical knowledge in hosting server management, requires the help of a specialized technician for its greater difficulty of administration.

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