Thursday, 28 February 2019

Use Windows Virtual Server Hosting or Linux Servers

Perhaps many of the Internet users who do not have much idea of Linux are surprised that they use it every day.
Why? Because many or most of the servers that are accessed to view a web page in the browser are Linux. Also companies and individuals who have their own website are using this operating system on the server.
Linux systems are used in shared hosting, as in virtual private servers (VPS) or dedicated servers. What is good or bad about using Linux VPS servers? What advantages does it imply? Let's analyze it.
Why use a Linux VPS (private virtual server) and not Windows
The first reason we could argue is stability. A normal Linux installation can work well for years and years without failures. The same cannot be said for Windows systems. In that sense, Linux is the preferred option for many servers, so it can be much more interesting to opt for a Linux VPS than for a Windows Virtual Server Hosting.

The main problem is that Windows requires a reboot for configuration changes and system updates. It is also true that it degrades over time and requires defragmenting the hard disk of our server, cleaning the registry and trying to restore stability to the system.
On the other hand, Linux is also better for the security of our VPS, although it is true that all systems are susceptible to receive some type of attack. Microsoft has a history of having responded too slowly to security holes, which by the way are more common in Windows operating systems than Linux.
Another key element is the price. Linux offers free distributions, so it is cheaper for any provider to offer Linux virtual servers than Windows. And that at the end is also noted by the user in the price. Even if you decide to create a Virtual server hosting yourself, it will be more efficient and economical to bet on a Linux distribution.

Having to manage and administer your own Linux virtual server yourself, it is also true that you will find an active community, capable of providing useful information and help you solve problems in a short time, although it is true that in any case you can delegate this task in your provider, hiring what would be VPS administrators.

Do you use Window or Linux virtual servers? Which do you think are better? We wait for you in the comments.

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