Wednesday, 27 March 2019 Offer Customers Best Virtual Server Hosting

We maintain the communications and network solutions we provide. Customer's own equipment can also be connected to maintenance and monitoring services. You can do the maintenance work in the machine room or leave it to us.
We help our customers build IT solutions that support their operations. We consulted on equipment purchases and software choices. Our extensive experience in enterprise software, its requirements and maintenance will help you build the right IT environment for your business.
As a customer, you can easily contact us and as an SLA contract customer, you will get a familiar person at the agreed response time to solve your problem. We have clear responsibilities with our contract customers and guarantee the operations of our own areas of responsibility. Let's tell us more about customer service!
Backup, Hosting, Virtual Servers
As a service, we provide backup of the workstation, server environment, and virtual platforms. The files to be backed up are transferred to an encrypted connection to the Estnoc server room. They are stored on the server packaged and encrypted. At any time, the customer has the option to return the files to his / her own computer.

Our web Best Virtual Server Hosting services include web site servers, email services, and domain name services. We map the customer's needs and choose the service package that suits the customer. Our service includes a cPanel control panel, which allows the customer to make the changes he wants. The service can be combined with Google and Microsoft business services.

For demanding use, we offer our customers virtual servers. The performance of virtual servers is guaranteed by the multi-core Intel Xeon multi-processor servers. Windows Virtual Server Hosting is connected to high-speed communications and is physically located at the nodes of the backbone network. You can choose a virtual server with either Windows or Linux. We are Microsoft's SPLA partners.

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