Monday, 18 March 2019

Choose a Virtual server hosting for Windows

Windows Virtual Server Hosting is a professional hosting method suitable for large websites with a lot of traffic. In addition, the choice for a virtual server is cost-effective. With a virtual server, also called VPS cloud server, the physical server is shared with other domains or IP addresses. The costs for the purchase and management of the physical server are therefore spread among the various users. The hardware is offered virtualized, meaning that you have the same options on a virtual server as on a physical server. At the same time, virtual server hosting offers the freedom that you want: every virtual server is managed by the individual user, including administration access (with Windows) or root access (with Linux). An additional advantage is that you don't have to worry about broken hardware.

A virtual server for Windows / Linux at ESTNOC
When you order a Windows Virtual Server Hosting from us, you have a number of attractive features at your disposal. For example, you can switch between different operating systems at no extra cost. ESTNOC also offers tools to monitor traffic, a recovery manager and backup snapshots. If you choose a virtual server with Windows, then you have access to the server via remote desktop, and support for MS SQL (and MySQL, for example). You have the option to use the latest version of Windows, namely Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition. Older Windows versions are also available for free. Linux users have a variety of operating systems at their disposal free of charge. Regardless of the operating system you choose, you will receive a free license for the Parallels Plesk Panel. You use this to set up your hosting packages in an easy way. Moreover, with both Windows and Linux, reinstallation is possible via the customer login. Server security is also in good hands with ESTNOC; our servers are located in two modern ISO certified data centers.
Dedicated server hosting for Windows / Linux
Dedicated server hosting is ideal for large, long-term projects, such as a professional website or a webshop. Compared to a virtual private server, a dedicated server has a fully conceivable performance: you share the hardware with nobody else and you have complete control. This is due to the great advantage of the dedicated server: it is rented by a single customer. This way you manage the entire server without interference from other users. In addition, as is usual with server hosting from ESTNOC, you have the freedom to choose the operating system for your dedicated server (Windows or Linux) and to select other software and features.
A dedicated server for Windows / Linux at ESTNOC

A dedicated server is especially suitable for websites with a lot of traffic. Our dedicated server hosting for Windows / Linux makes such websites possible thanks to top hardware from top brands. As a customer you have full administration rights as standard, including your dedicated server. In this way you have everything under control. You receive a free license for Parallels Plesk Panel with your dedicated server. With this you can easily set up the hosting packages for an unlimited number of domains. If necessary, it is also possible to reinstall the server at any time via our customer login. In addition, you can choose from various RAID configurations to optimize settings regarding redundancy and performance of the dedicated server. Remote console offers you access to the server, even with a network hardware failure. And just like with our virtual server for Windows / Linux, the data that you put on the dedicated server is securely stored in our data centers with ISO certification.

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