Thursday, 8 August 2019

Cloud Technology in the Business Arsenal: Advantages and Benefits

Cloud Computing in Switzerland, the cloud, the private cloud, and the public cloud have all been talked about frequently in recent years, which can significantly reduce costs and increase business performance. The goal of any entrepreneur is to get the maximum return on the latest IT (information technology) tools within the minimum investment, but not everyone chooses to make a big investment. As a result, not only companies but also public administrations and individuals are increasingly choosing the virtually limitless possibilities of the cloud for their own needs.
Business in a time of cloud technology
In 2009, as the global economy weighed heavily on the need for efficient and cost-effective solutions, companies saw virtual storage and processing tools as relatively successful outsourcing costs. To work with remotely located data, the user only needs an internet connection, a computer, or even a smartphone to connect to the cloud. One of the biggest benefits of the cloud are business continuity, which allows for the long-term development of the company, applying the latest adaptation models and reducing the company's investment, for example, in the purchase of new equipment.

Choose your cloud

Today, cloud users can be divided into three major groups - those using freely available and cloud-based resources (email, image and video sharing, Internet banking, etc.), those using the public cloud services provided by the giants of the world (Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc.) and those choosing professional IT companies such as ESTNOC.EE, a European data center operator specializing in a public and private cloud building.

What is the difference between a public cloud and a private cloud? Both solutions are based on data center infrastructure, but if the customer wants higher privacy and more cloud management tools, ESTNOC.EE recommends building its own private cloud. Private Cloud is available to only one user or organization and has a dedicated infrastructure that allows you to customize the performance and power of your equipment based on real needs. The public cloud, on the other hand, is based on shared infrastructure, where the costs of electricity consumed, applications, and licenses are shared among all users of the public cloud.

ESTNOC.EE offers to build its own private or public cloud with a client based on a powerful virtual platform, minimizing process downtime and allowing the company to process its data faster. The ESTNOC.EE virtual platform provides customers with the highest availability, reaching 99.99% last year and up to 4 minutes per month in idle mode.

Cost control
The cloud and its costs will not always be the same for everyone, because it is configured according to the user's wishes and tasks, and only the necessary solution is paid for.

Investment is inevitable in almost any business, so the ESTNOC.EE cloud has its attractive side - it allows you to virtually reduce your capital investment and optimize your operating costs so that your company's monthly payments are easily predictable and smooth. The biggest savings come at the expense of equipment, software, applications, and IT staff - all of which are included in the monthly service charge. The total monthly expenses are many times lower than if the company were to build and maintain its own infrastructure, thus creating a free float that the company can invest in the development of its business.

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