Wednesday, 17 July 2019

High Performance, Professionally Managed Virtual Server Hosting Services

What is a virtual server?
Virtual Server is a set of dedicated technical resources that work the same way, in some ways even better than if it were a physical server, one of your classic hardware boxes.
On our high-performance, professionally managed, updated and upgraded physical servers for our customers, we always run several virtual servers that share the performance and hardware capacity according to the client's requirements.
From the outside, the virtual server behaves like any well-managed server, without limiting hardware parameters or software options.
The main difference is the possibility of a flexible configuration change - for example, eshop customers, doubles the performance of their servers before Christmas and returns to the original configuration after the shopping spree subsides.
The main benefit is the economy, lower costs, no investment with a hard to predict return.
The best solution, both cheaply and without initial investment, to run a full-fledged server unlimited. Server performance can be increased at any time, again without investment, only with the monthly fee according to the pricelist.
We offer operating system management, Linux server and Windows server.
We can migrate any physical server to a virtual server. Get rid of the busy servers in the office and worry about their operation, virtualize them.
All servers have full root access, included one IPv4 address and / 112 IPv6 addresses. Any ISO image can be booted.

What can you expect from a Virtual server hosting?
·         You have complete administrative access to it, as well as a dedicated server.
·         You have full control of server data, just like a physical server.
·         Its performance adapts to the load and can be reduced or increased at any time as needed,
·         Not configuring your own or leased server
·         You care about the server in a professional datacenter, with full 24/7 care
·         The server is backed up continuously and reliably, without worrying about your data
·         It is cheaper than renting a whole server or cloud solution
·         It doesn't get old because it actually "doesn't exist" as a piece of hardware
·         Whenever you can opt for a change, no matter how radical, unlike a
·         Physical server, you don't have to deal with embedded investments
Virtual servers do not know limitations
According to your requirement, we will configure the virtual server of any technically feasible parameters. We offer you the option of installing not only all available operating systems, but also the system supplied by you in ISO format.
We offer a wide range of services to the virtual server, whether it be licensing software rentals, additional IP addresses, data backups, technical support, or complete server management.

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