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Types of Site Hosting Services

Website hosting is the foundation of the foundation for launching a website on the World Wide Web that is where the web hosting company comes in. The web hosting providers have an integration of all types of web hosting services and facilitate the provision of varied types of web hosting plans. Facilitating layout, I mean, the various types of web hosting are offered based on the requirements of the client. When opting for web hosting services, the user obtains disk space on the webserver to host their site plus the basic features needed, such as uptime, bandwidth, control panel, support, domains, ads, coupons, etc. Each Web Developer must be accurately informed about the needs of their website so that it can function successfully. You do not have to worry, even if it's a small-scale personal blog; there is the availability of a wide range of web hosting plans for all types of demands by different types of users.

Web Hosting Services
However, apart from the three basic web hosting services are commonly known by everyone (Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server), there are also a few others that take the website hosting service to another level. Let's look first at the aforementioned fundamental services provided by almost every web hosting company.

Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting is the most preferred and commonly used web hosting plan especially for small scale and personal websites. The main reason behind this is the availability of necessary resources at affordable prices. Here, power and administrative control are minimized from a single web server that is shared by many users and so are the features provided. All features such as RAM, disk space, email servers, MySQL database storage servers (support) and so on are shared by customers. So this option may not be useful for sites with high traffic and heavy data. Another downside is the security issues get a bit compromised!

Benefits of Shared Hosting:
·         Cheap Hosting Plans
·         Reliable Features
·         Web Hosting Company Cares for Technical Maintenance

Hosting Virtual Private Server (VPS)

By its very name, one can have an idea of ​​this lodging to be private and safer. So it is a bit expensive and definitely worth the cost as you have the power to control the setup and installation of the system. Basically, it is a dedicated virtual machine allocated to the client in a shared hosting environment ie it shares the available resources without affecting other private servers. Briefly, it is a combination of both dedicated servers and shared hosting in a more secure and accessible way.

The benefits of VPS Hosting are:
·         Dedicated Hosting Resources
·         Controlled Configuration
·         Privacy and Security

Hosting with Dedicated Server (Dedicated Server)
This is an even more expensive reliable hosting service plan. The word “dedicated " here means the entire server is dedicated to the client site, and then whether it is single or multiple sites, all available resources are completely distributed to a single developer. It is best suited for commercial sites with regular heavy traffic. Dedicated Hosting Services in Romania is a more manageable way of hosting websites, the client has control over the operating system and hardware services provided.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting Are:
·         Flexibility, Personalization, and Freedom
·         Highly secure
·         Plenty of Available Resources
·         Efficient Performance

Reseller Hosting
This type of web hosting is probably a lever and works as a business, especially by the newbie in the website hosting market. The reseller, the one that owns the reseller hosting account, acts as a hosting provider. The account holder rents some of their disk space and bandwidth owned by other clients thus providing them with hosting services. This comes to be a profitable business for the reseller as he buys hosting services and then sells some share of resources to other needy customers. The serious disadvantage of this service is the technical support and customer service. The reseller can not guarantee full support to its customers in any way.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting Are:
·         Cheap Packages and Fewer Expenses
·         Host Cares for Technical Maintenance
·         Provision of Resources as per Requirement

Hosting in the Cloud (Cloud Hosting)
We all know that cloud computing technology is on the rise. With web hosting services being run by virtual servers on cloud computer networks, it is stated that in the near future the entire hosting industry can turn into Cloud Hosting. The basic idea behind this web hosting is that the resources are distributed by separate servers so that the hosting services are better offered in all aspects. The main concern is the privacy of the data of the sites. However, the fundamental theory of cloud hosting focuses on paying for what you use ie you do not need to spend extra leases for features that are no longer of your need!

Benefits of Cloud Hosting Are:
·         Less Risk Downtime
·         High Scalability and Reliability
·         More Freedom and Power
·         Free Web Hosting
Now, this is an interesting stuff to pass on, but on the other hand, it is less preferred by web developers. The reason is as follows: Low security, numerous applications, and banner displays, weak technical support and include the host name in the domain name. Yes, it is true that nothing is free of cost in this world. To host your website in the category of hosting free web sites, you will have to pay the amount on some another term like displaying the banners of the free hosting provider and ads on your web pages. It is recommended that you avoid hosting free websites if you are really serious about your website.

Benefits of Free Website Hosting Are:
·         Free of Costs
·         User-Friendly Host
·         Best For Newbies
The types of website hosting are not limited to the ones discussed above. Hosting of Files, Video, Forum, Image Hosting, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Email Hosting, Self-Hosting Service and many other different types of web hosting services. At the end of the day, it is WebMaster's decision that should be made based on the requirements of the website, deciding which webhost to go to!

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