Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Store Multiple Websites at the Low Price by Our Windows Virtual Server Hosting Services

If you are expanding your project, increasing your attendance or taking care of multiple projects at once, it's worth looking at your own server at this point. One of the benefits of VPS is that you can store multiple websites at the same price, and it is definitely worth having one VPS than buying from some expensive multi-hosting packages or even ordering cheap virtual server one at a time.
If you add another website, we can write a domain name in our VPS and what services you want to create, and with a ready-made hosting, you can work with the pleasure of a new project or hand over access to a person who will take care of you. At the same time, you can only use the server as a mail server.

Another advantage is that you have a reserved performance for VPS and you are "managing" it. If the performance is not enough, you can write to us at any time and increase the parameters.
The greatest advantage is flexibility. Unlike shared hosting, you have only a few tens of "neighbors" on your VPS, and you have root access to the server, meaning you have full control over it and make changes to configurations (Apache, Nginx, and PHP).
This will be appreciated by programmers who encounter a lot of restrictions on shared hosting. We take care of quality and we do not have more than 8-10 "neighbors" on one physical server. One pair of discs is shared by a maximum of 3-4 customers. Try to ask the current provider. Most of them did not even know this information.
VPS is not popular with customers who have no experience with server management, and they just hear from the narration on the command line. We want to change that.  That’s why we've developed our unique VPS center.
From the web browser, you can add more domains to your server, modify the server configuration, raise the limits, or even check the logs you see in the graphical form. With us, you can simply walk around without SSH.

Another important difference between web hosting and VPS is that your Windows Virtual Server Hosting provider is responsible for the functionality and back-up of the web host while it is a customer at VPS. Using our VPS Center, you can set the automatic backup to a few clicks. In addition, you have 60 minutes of free monthly messaging for the server.

The disadvantage of VPS versus shared hosting is, of course, a higher price, and it is up to the customer if his project really needs all the benefits of a virtual server, or he or she will need a shared hosting. You can have a VPS with a monthly payment.

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