Saturday, 18 August 2018

The Dedicated Hosting Server for Your Website

Estnoc is a web hosting organization devoted to web and cloud professionals through our high powered, ultra reliable and expertly tuned platform by our team of engineers for Dedicated Hosting Services in Romania. Our dedicated hosting services delivers unparalleled performance due to the fact we are equipped with key hardware and network equipment manufacturers and we always have an access to the cutting edge latest technology.

With having Dedicated Servers in Estonia, they are tailored to meet any requirements of our customers at any budget. Our servers are protected by powerful anti-DDos protection software, which can absorb distributed denial of service attacks and ensures that our customer services are always available and never go down. With our dedicated servers it can identify vulnerabilities and configuration issues in our customer’s application and underlying technological stack and quickly understands issues with easy-to-use reporting. Our data centre’s are well equipped with cold-hot corridors and have redundant cooling systems for humidity control. For 24/7 backup to our data centres, we have dual redundant diesel generators and uninterruptable powers supplies to provide power for emergency cases.

Our aim is to earn highest customer loyalty scores in the industry. We measure this loyalty between a hosting provides like us and the customers we serve. With our Offshore Sweden Dedicated Servers it can provide dedicated hosting grants of certain freedom and control for our clients which other hosting solutions are unable to deliver. For our advanced users, they can also get an improved control panel which can provide optional root access, giving full control over the server and with our enhanced cPanel and our users can also increase the available storage space in real time with requiring administration permission.

So if you’re interested to host your website with our Dedicated Servers in Estonia or in Sweden, then you can contact us via our website for further information.

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