Sunday, 3 June 2018


In the recent years, technology has changed the shape of people as people becoming more technology savvy and using the technology with more paces, with the help of technology sharing becomes easier now. Technology also emerges as a business opportunity for the business house as they can switch from the physical location to the virtual world which will help them to tap the untapped potential of online market. Setting a business online is quite an uphill task for the business as it involves the certain complex decisions regarding choosing the server and web hosting site which would secure their data and give protection from the hackers.

The Estnoc stands for Estonian Network Operation Centre is such an organization who offers the data centre service to the various business houses to protect their data, with our cheap virtual server you will get the highest level of security of your all important documents that is saved online.

We have also offered the offshore Sweden dedicated servers with the KVM virtualization which has more storage as compared to the earlier one and also available at the affordable prices in the market.

The ESTNOC has backed up by the strong competent and experienced personnel who constantly developing the server equipped with latest technology and also developed the Norway VPS server hosting services and Cloud computing in Switzerland at the reasonable prices in the market.

All you need to do visit our website to avail our service and boost your sales potential and higher profits. It will be a great platform for you to diversify your business in the technology world with our services. Be it mobile app or any category of a business, we have a solution for all kinds of business.
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