Tuesday, 8 May 2018


People are moving so fast in this era of technology, they become more advance than earlier and use technology in every possible way to make their life easier. People are on the verge of using internet and it creates an opportunity for the leading business houses to switch from the physical location to the virtual world to tap the untapped potential in the market. Though it looks easy but shifting business from one form to another is a very complex process as many crucial decisions need to be taken for the smooth functioning of the business such as business need to decide which web hosting site to consider or which server will offer the more security than other. As all the important data is saved online so it is prime importance of any organisation to protect their data from the hackers.

We, the ESTNOC aka Estonian Network Operation Center is one such organisation who started its operations in the year 2015 to offer the Windows virtual server hosting services to the business houses which ensures the security of the data with end to end encryption facility with the private key which gives you access and no can authorize your data, even the company who offered such services will not get the access of your data and government will also not get the access without your permission.

The ESTNOC have a team of experienced and competent personnel who continuing developing the secured server which includes Cheap virtual server at the affordable prices in the market. The organisation recently also launched the services of cloud computing in Switzerland with KVM virtualization which ensures the more transparency and storage than earlier.

We have a solution for all kinds of firm, be it business, Mobile app, education or portfolio, all you need to do to

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