Monday, 12 March 2018


Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational. The advancement in the technology changes the world drastically, people do not use technology but they live technology. The rise of use of internet among the people is increasing day by day and business see this as an opportunity and set up their business online to tap the untapped potential online. Switching from the physical location to the virtual world helped the business to expand and increase the revenue and profit.

Setting a business online is not an easy thing, employers have to take the certain decisions regarding selecting the server or choosing the secured web hosting, according to the reports number of cases of hacking data is also increasing day by day which creates fear in the mind of businesses who working online as all the important work is saved online. We, Estnoc stands for Estonian Network Operation Centre has provided the solution to all business houses to secure their data with our Dedicated hosting services in Romania at the affordable prices.
You will get the end to end encryption service with our Windows virtual server hosting that gives you the access of private key which ensures the security of your data, even the government do not have access to your important information without your permission with our virtual server hosting.

Estnoc has a team of competent personnel which have been developing the secured servers over the years for providing the maximum safety of data to their clients; recently the team has also started VPS web hosting services in Norway with KVM virtualisation. All you need to visit our website to contact us and get our services at the reasonable prices available in the market.

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