Sunday, 28 January 2018


With the advancement in the technology, the people using internet is on the rise and businesses also leave no stone upturned to tap the online market as they are developing themselves more on the internet an set up their operations online. Old business adapted this change while the new business set up only online to get the benefit of wider reach of internet. Internet proves to be a great platform for all the businesses who wish to expand their businesses and want to get more exposure. It gives the option of flexibility in their operations which would ultimately help them to achieve their objectives but with the increase use of internet among the people, the number of hackers also in on the rise.

The reports have been suggested that, no. of cases of hacking data is increasing day by day which creates fear in the mind of businesses who working online as all their important entire data saved online. If you worried about the same thing then your worry is over as we, Estnoc stands for Estonian Network Operations Centre has been started its operations in 2009 and providing the Dedicated web hosting services in Romania which ensures the security of your data as end to end to end encryption facilities will be provided to all the clients.

When you are setting your business online, the most important decision is to choose the best servers or to decide who is best to host your site? There are bundle of things that businesses need to know to protect their data from the hackers and that’s the reason we are coming up front to help such businesses.

We have secured 3 tier Cloud computing in Switzerland which offers the more transparency while receiving the services and you will get you your private key which gives you access to your data nor even the company itself who offers this services have the right to access your data.

The Offshore Sweden dedicated servers allows you to run as your own dedicated servers and protect your data by saving entire data on the cloud. You don’t need to worry as Estnoc provides every possible solution for the hosting which also includes the VPS web hosting services in Norway.

Visit our website and get the services at affordable prices in the market. Different payment methods also available which includes Bitcoin, Master Card, American Express and many more.


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