Monday, 25 December 2017

EstNOC which is derived from Estonian Network Operations Centres

EstNOC which is derived from Estonian Network Operations Centres is an Estonian company that operates worldwide at multiple locations. Earlier the company operated from Estonia and Netherlands but now it has expanded its operations in Romania, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Finland and many more countries. The company guarantees to provide best service for you for coming several years. The company offers innovative, high-quality and affordable server hosting solutions. 

The dedicated team of EstNOC is expanding its Dedicated hostings services in Romania where it is serving its customers at earliest after the successful payment. All our dedicated servers can be upgraded and can be configured. RAM memory can be added as per your need and you can choose between various servers.The company has also stepped into offshore Sweden dedicated servers which are upgradable and can be configured by you during the order process. These offshore servers provide our customers with the most secure and private infrastructure to run online operations. The servers are highly secured with Access Card without which no one can break into the datacentre facility.

Apart from it, it has extended its VPS Web hosting services inNorway too, providing upgradable storage space along with KVM virtualization operating on Linux and Windows and extra add-on’s: Managed services. The Cloud computing in Switzerland offer innovative computing, managed and storage cloud services. It can also be configured like other services working on operating systems- Linux and Windows usingKVM or VMWare virtualization. The availability of the resource pool is through a user-friendly dashboard allowing you to configure your VMs.

We actively monitor our platform 24*7,promising constant performance by smooth and fast delivery of the services. We ensure safety and protection at all levels. Helping to increase the efficiency and cost reduction, making EstNOC the most trusted company catering all your need for web hosting, a dedicated server, cloud hosting and a shared hosting solution.

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